The Technology Services Group supports the staff and students at all facilities districtwide. We provide technical assistance and technology resource management for the Stanwood-Camano School District #401 located in Stanwood, Washington.

The Technology Services Group also oversees the projects funded by the voter-approved Capital/Technology Levy. These levy dollars will replace existing older equipment; increase the number of computer labs, mobile labs and student accessible technology at each school; improve the student-to-computer ratio; increase the curricular tools and online educational resources to schools; support school-home connections with improved communications tools; provide online access to student information, grades, and resources; provide professional development and technical support to staff that will impact teaching and learning; upgrade infrastructure to meet these emerging technology needs; and replace aging staff computers.

Part of the current tech levy projects is the hiring of Technology TOSA's (Teacher on Special Assignment) to facilitate the work of professional development. The TOSAs are engaged in providing professional development for technology we currently have in place. They focus on Google Doc training, Internet safety training and other requested training to support teaching and learning. In addition, they facilitate meetings of teacher leaders in the buildings with a focus on integration of technology in their classrooms.  The TOSA's develop "studio classrooms" within the school buildings for teachers to fully realize the positive impact technology can have on teaching and learning.  A major emphasis of the the TOSA's work is the facilitation of after school tech classes and developing technology inservice opportunities for the district.

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    • The Technology TOSA's (Teacher on Special Assignment) facilitate the work of professional development for technology. The TOSAs will be engaged in providing professional development for technology we currently have in place.  This link takes you to their resource page.

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    • This is the main resource for the School Facilities and Technology which voters in the Stanwood-Camano School District voted to approve  November 5, 2013  The webpage references how the levy would address top-priority facility need and replace worn-out and obsolete technology used for student learning.

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    • This link provides the information on which technology is approved for purchasing in the district.
    • This link provides the information on regarding the Responsible Use of Technology and the District's Acceptable Use Policy.