Technology Standards

and Minimum Technology Configurations

There are minimum requirements for the ordering of technology equipment and computer hardware in the Stanwood-Camano School District.  The Technology Services department processes all district technology purchases. Doing so, they save you potential, down-the-road headache and heartache.  As well, through the school districts established bid contracts, a considerable savings will be seen.  The standard recommendations and minimum system requirements are meant to provide general guidelines on which technology and computer configurations work best in the Stanwood-Camano School District environment. 


Thinking of buying hardware or software? 

Before you do, either submit a Web Help Desk Ticket or contact the Technology Services Group's Help Desk at 4357.  No matter the funding source, the technology services department processes all district technology purchases.  Lead-time matters! We can get price quotes and the best buy if you give us enough time. 


Does the district have standards for its technology?

Yes, and they are on line at Technology Purchasing Standards.  Note: This online document is where you will find the most accurate recommendations. Any print materials you have could be out-of-date.  Prices must be confirmed with the vendor prior to requesting a purchase order.  Please utilize the Web Help Desk system for the submittal of all purchasing requests.


Is the technology you are thinking about a gift or donation?

Guidelines for such generosity are in the Stanwood-Camano School District's Board Policy 6114.  The procedures for gifts is found in 6114P.  Please refer to these links:  Policy 6114,  Procedures for Policy 6114.  If a parent organization or booster club has donated equipment to your program or classroom and it is not on the Technology Purchasing Standards list, while it may be able to connect to the district's network, please do not expect it to be repaired, diagnosed for technology problems or serviced.  Only technology equipment that has a district inventory asset tag will be considered for connecting into the network or servicing by the Technology Services department staff.  Prior to any donation of technology, building principals are to contact the technology director.  Donations of equipment may require the building or program to acquire management licensing in order of the equipment to connect into the school district's network.

What about donated used equipment?

"Donated 'used' equipment" refers to equipment previously used by individuals or corporations. It does not refer to non-standard equipment purchased new for the purpose of donating to a school. All new equipment must meet district purchasing standards and should be purchased by the district possibly using donation funds.  Stanwood-Camano School District gladly accepts donated computer equipment for educational use. Our schools benefit greatly from the generosity of community members and business partners who make technology available to our students, teachers and staff. The District sincerely appreciates all donation offers, but unfortunately, cannot always use older equipment.


Don’t see your technology item on the list?

That might be because it is not an item approved for district use or there is not many requests for purchasing that hardware or equipment.  If it isn’t approved, the district cannot reimburse you for buying it, and the Technology Services department will not be able to provide technical support when you have problems. In addition, for data security purposes, devices that are not approved will have no physical connectivity to the district data network and only limited access to the Internet via the WiFi network. Please check the list or call us before you buy any technology or software – or before you accept a donation or grant. 


Why does the Technology Services department operate this way?

We are here to support district-owned, district-approved computer hardware, software and peripherals. We do that in ways that meet the district’s strategic priorities and support the district’s mission. The Technology Services Department maintains the district network, servers, workstations and peripherals. We do so ensuring high quality at reasonable costs. 

Having standards, guidelines and procedures for buying district technologies, regardless of the funding source, helps ensure security, compatibility and sustainability. 

Our department negotiates many agreements with hardware, software, network, telecommunication vendors and others. Each agreement is reached with the district’s priorities and obligations to its public in mind. Such organized and centralized purchasing ensures our technology is standardized and compatible.  It is not the intent of these standards and procedures to limit purchases from departments in any way, but rather to be able to apply input into technology purchases in order to meet the specific objectives.  We are working to make sure that technology in our school district:

  1. is compatible – hardware and software work together without conflict; we must be able to support it,
  2. is safe and secure – we are protecting student and staff information,
  3. is suitable – it is the best product to fulfill its purpose,
  4. complies with license agreements – we are honoring the law,
  5. has the best pricing - we are leveraging existing vendor relationships and contracts for getting the "best deal",
  6. can be sustained – we can support and service it in the long-term, AND we can pay for it in the short- and long-term, 
  7. can be tracked in our inventory system - we are able to promote loss prevention, asset management and budgeting for lifecycle replacements.

We routinely re-evaluate technology standards. We do this because district needs change and technology changes. We also evaluate the standards looking at cost, reliability, vendor response, and recycling policies.